Engineering Background

Industry Research & Intell 

Data Driven

A Top-Down Approach

Our account-centric approach is focused on the customer’s buying cycle, using intelligent insights to know when and how to engage with each account.

We focus on the key target customers for your company, only those that can handle the greatest potential for revenue and growth. 

How It works

Find – Engage – Distribute

1 – Identify Target Accounts

Use the proper search techniques to identify the best accounts across the industry.

2 – Research

Research common problems for the selected accouns and create custom content that addresses the challenges..

3 – Content Generation

Create compelling content that can be shared via social, email, website and ad campaigns.

4 – Campaign Orchestration

Create separate campaigns: Linkedin social media strategy, Linkedin advertising, Google Adwords, email campaigns.

5 – Connect & Close

Gather leads information and create a nurturing workflow that helps you close more sales.

6- Measure and Repeate

Continuous analysis of marketing campaign results to optimize ad spending.

How we provide our services

We are adaptable and flexible for any company size

Marketing Consulting

We come up as part of your team to guide you through developing a marketing and Paid Per Click (PPC) strategy and executing it.

ADS Campaign Management

We manage all the activities to ensure the success of the organic and paid advertising campaigns development.

Add-on Agency

If you have an internal marketing team already established, we partner up with your team to develop your marketing plan and advertising campaigns.

What You’ll Get

  • More personalized interactions with your clients
  • Influence decision makers within big accounts
  • Pre-qualified customers that are easier to close.
  • Development of marketing strategies that support your company brand, reinforcing and elevating the reputation of the organization.
  • Build an online channels that drives connection with influencers and customers
  • Maximize and optimize your marketing & advertising budget

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